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Reasons Why Garage Doors Won’t Work

Replace Damaged Garage Door Sections

You might be dealing with garage door that will work sometimes and sometimes, will not. When you have a temperamental garage door that will only do what it wants to do when it wants to do it, can be extremely annoying. Perhaps you have a good reason for not calling on the services of a professional garage door service in East Cobb, Georgia, such as Pro East Cobb Garage Repair. Maybe you find it an inconvenience to stop what you are doing to give us a call. Whatever the case might be, if you do not want to further frustrate yourself, simply contact a professional garage door service and allow them to find out why your garage door isn’t responding correctly. There is usually a very common reason why your garage door is acting the way that it is. With all of our experience working on residential and commercial garage doors, we certainly know a thing or two about garage doors.

Even though you can troubleshoot the problem yourself, it is best if you allow a trained professional to do this for you. One of the most logical things that a professional garage door will check is your remote to make sure you have batteries that work. If the batteries do not work, they will not communicate effectively with your garage door opener. This means that your door will not function correctly. When the batteries are just starting to go dead, your garage door may still work but not at full capacity. When the batteries are completely dead, the door will not work at all. This is one of the most common reasons why garage doors do not work. Save yourself some time and frustration by switching out your old batteries for new ones to see if this will solve your problem. You can easily do this by sliding off the back of the remote or unscrewing the backside of the remote to install new batteries. Be sure that you have the batteries properly installed before attempting to use the remote again.

As a safety precaution, more recently installed garage doors have a photo eye on either side of the door that detects when something is in its path and will prevent the door from closing. You don’t have to worry about walking under the door and having it fall down on you because the sensors will recognize something in the path of the door and prevent it from closing. Sometimes, small particles or debris can get on the lenses of the photo eye and this may also cause it to stop. If the eyes do not align this can also cause the door to malfunction. The beams have to connect in order for the door to function properly. If your door is misaligned, it can also cause the beams to become misaligned. You can clean the photo eye if you are extremely careful. If you’re not careful you might unknowingly scratch the eye of the photo eyes. Why make the situation any worse than it already is. Some simply opt to have an expert garage door technician to handle this for them to ensure the job is done safely.

Another common problem that will not allow your garage door to operate correctly is a track that is out of alignment. If the metal track, which the garage door slides on is not properly aligned, the door will not move. When there are spaces between the rails or rollers or the rails are bent, there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Continuing to use the garage will only make the problem worse, even dangerous, if the tracks are already misaligned. When you start to notice an unusual noise when the door gets to a specific point on the track, you’ll know that the door is misaligned. An expert service technician will loosen the tracks screws, which hold the frame together. They will then tap it gently to reposition the tracks until they are realigned again. If the screws are not properly installed and screwed back in, this will cause you even further issues. The technician will perform this process on each track to ensure that it is properly realigned. In some instances, the tracks may not be able to be realigned and it may be necessary to have a new track installed.

Lets go back to something slightly more simple, your remote or transmitter. If you are out of the range of where your remote will be able to successfully communicate with your garage door, it may not open. Every door and remote has a certain range that will enable the door to function properly. If you are not in the range, the door will not open or close properly. Try to wait until you are directly in front of your garage before opening the door. This also serves as a safety precaution so that no one is able to quickly sneak into your garage. Only opening the door once you are in eyesight of it is a practice you should adopt on a regular basis.

If you are in front of your garage and it still doesn’t open, find the garage antenna on the opener to make sure there isn’t something blocking it. Your door will not get the signal that your remote is sending it if there is something blocking your opener antenna. Sometimes, your antenna may be damaged. This is definitely a reason for you to contact a professional garage door service technician. Most problems can quickly and simply be correctly even before you call for professional help. Just check to make sure nothing is blocking any of the sensors attached to your garage door or its opener.

A garage door can be a dangerous place if you have an uncontrollable garage door. Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to be harmed by your door. Contact a professional garage door service in East Cobb today to ensure your door continues working.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Extend The Life of Your Garage Door – Tips

Here at Pro East Cobb Garage Door we are often asked how to make home and business garage doors last longer before needing repair work or replacement. There are actually many ways in which you can do this. We invite you to read this post and apply these helpful tips to your garage door setting. If you have any questions or wish to get further advice, simply call our East Cobb, GA garage door repair shop and we’ll be happy to talk to you. Our family owned company offers free consultations, free price quotes and same day service work so don’t be shy; give us a call!

Sectional Panel Replacement

Too Much Usage

This one is just common sense. The more often you use something, the sooner it wears out. It’s pretty much an unspoken rule that garage doors are built to open twice a day on average. If you find yourself coming and going more than that, be aware of this and try to limit your garage door use to just a few times be day. Of course, this averages out over time. Some days, you may not use your garage door at all while other days can be quite busy (think Christmas shopping!). The point is; be aware of too much frivolous garage door use, and make adjustments as needed.


We’re serious! Rust can be a problem in some areas of the country. If you live in the super dry parts of the Southwest like Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada you probably don’t need to worry about it. In more humid areas like Florida, Louisiana and here in Georgia, it can really be a problem! Wet weather, dampness, rain and snow can easily lead to rusty springs which cause the coils to corrode and weaken. If you have moderate to high humidity in your area, be sure to lubricate your springs at least every four months or so. You can do this yourself or call Pro East Cobb Garage Door and we’ll be happy to provide this maintenance for you.

Correct Springs

If you’ve had your garage door springs replaced professionally, you don’t need to worry about this. If you’ve done the work yourself (we don’t recommend this!) or if you are renting the property and don’t know, then please pay attention to this item. Incorrect size or type of garage door springs can lead to problems. They tend to break much sooner and don’t last as long either. Always use a licensed, bonded and insured garage door technician when having work done on your garage door springs. Most of these shops offer 24-hour emergency garage door spring repair and fast, highly accurate spring replacement help, too.

Garage Door Installation

Be Aware!

It’s a basic but important step; be aware of your garage door’s condition. Does it look different or work erratically? Do you notice anything frayed or unusual about the wires or cables? Are your safety eyes aligned properly? Is anything blocking the signal between them? Does anything seem loose or not tightened? Do you hear loud or unusual noises when you try and operate your garage door? Is it working harder to do the same job? Something as simple as noticing a change in your garage door’s performance or appearance can save you big dollars down the road. Many local garage door repair shops offer periodic maintenance routines and/or annual check-ups in case you don’t have the time or inclination to do the work yourself.

A Simple Test

It’s easy to run this balance test yourself. Go to your garage door and pull the emergency release cord so that the garage door opener is separated from the door. This will allow you to manually open the garage door. Try doing this. It SHOULD lift smoothly and no problem. Now, close your garage door again and this time, lift it partially. Let go and see what happens. It should stay where you left it. If it closes again (drops back down) or if it is hard to lift then this indicates spring wear that will need attention sooner than later.

Pro East Cobb Garage Door does NOT recommend spring repair on your own. These metal coils operate at very high levels of tension in order to lift and lower your heavy garage door. It takes experience, tools and skill to repair, service, or replace garage door springs. We know that you want to save money but spring repair is best left to the professionals. You can still get your springs serviced and save money by finding an affordable locksmith service in East Cobb to do the work for you. This way you save time as well as money and are also covered by warranty and product guarantees.

Do Some Research

If you have some extra time, try viewing some YouTube videos on garage door maintenance tips. There are hundreds of them online. You don’t have to look at all of them (whew!) to get a solid idea of what you can do for yours. Use the search bar on YouTube or on Google to find information on your particular size and type of garage door. Try this on your springs and opener unit, too.

Look around your home or office for owner’s manuals and other papers that may have come with your purchase. Many don’t save these or you may be renting the place and not have access to them. Most all manufacturers now put owner’s manuals online in PDF form. Just enter your search term and add “owner’s manual” to it for a comprehensive list of them. Be sure to look for toll free numbers in the paperwork or online. Even if your opener, springs or garage door itself is no longer covered by warranty, many firms still offer customer service help and guidance.

If you have a favorite local garage door repair shop that you use or trust, the simplest way to extend the use of your garage door is to have them check it out for wear, use and safety. Pro East Cobb Garage Door offers 25 point safety inspections, same day service and the best rates. Give us a call and make your garage door last longer and work better!

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Friday, November 4, 2016


Is your garage door out of whack? After opening and closing hundreds of times over the years, it is certainly bound to need attention at some point. There are a number of reasons you could be facing garage door troubles. Some are simple, and some are complicated, but there’s no reason to panic. Let’s take a look at some likely possibilities.


Garage Door Spring Repair

Check the cables. First, thoroughly examine the garage door springs. If they don’t seem to be broken, then you need to take a good look at the cables. A cable may have come loose, or it could be broken. If you notice that the cabling looks different on one side of the garage door or the other, then you may simply require cable repair or replacement.

Does your garage door opener run for a few seconds, and then turn off? If your garage door still doesn’t budge, this can occur when the garage door is closed, and the door motor is trying to lift the door, yet it will not move. Again, the first thing to do is to look at the springs. If that isn’t the trouble, then check the track for any obstacles, dirt, or grime. If none of these is the problem, then see if your garage door has a built-in lock, which is engaging by mistake. This can be a common concern when it comes to older garage doors.


If one of your garage door springs breaks, it can happen suddenly, with a loud bang. It’s obvious to see if a spring has broken. The door won’t work at all, and you will notice that the spring is in two pieces. Broken springs will absolutely have to be replaced. Springs ought to be replaced in sets; so if one spring breaks, the second will not be far behind. A garage door can weigh as much as 300 pounds, so it is nearly impossible ~ and truly dangerous ~ to attempt to raise it. Garage door spring repair or replacement must be carried out with precision by a professional garage door technician. Most of the time, spring repair is not really possible, and replacement is in fact what’s needed.

Garage Door Sections

There are two basic kinds of garage door springs:

Extension springs are the type on each side of the garage door, stretched alongside the overhead track.

Torsion springs are mounted on the header above the garage door, with a round rod connected to the sides of the door. Torsion springs are very dangerous, and should only be adjusted or replaced by an experienced garage door technician expert, because proper safety precautions must be observed.

It may be that your garage door track has come out of alignment. This will be a serious problem. The metal track of your garage door must be exactly aligned, or it will not move. Look to see if there are any bends in the rails, or any gaps between the rail and the rollers. The great weight of the garage door can compound these issues as the year go by, so if your garage door starts to act up, it’s a bad idea to put it off, because the door could soon become dangerous to operate. It is time to call a professional.

What if your garage door will not go up at all? If so, then it is very likely that your garage door spring needs expert attention. Whenever either of your garage door springs is broken, the door will start going on the fritz, and eventually will not open. It is time to contact a garage door repair professional.

NEVER ATTEMPT to adjust your garage door yourself, unless you are already an engineer! If your garage door is not properly serviced, a garage door spring can actually cause serious injury, and perhaps even death. The garage door drums, cables, and bottom brackets may also require some adjustment. Avoid a dangerous situation, and stay out of harm’s way! Hire a reliable local professional garage door repair specialist you know you can count on. If you are located any place in East Cobb, Georgia, you ought to consider choosing a reputable company such as Pro East Cobb Garage Repair, which is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, at the ready to assist you when you are in a jam.


It’s important to keep a routine garage door maintenance schedule. You will prolong the life of your garage door if you maintain a logical habit of keeping an eye on any signs of wear and tear. Because your garage door is the largest operating appliance in your home, it’s wise to keep it in top condition. Particularly if you use your garage as a game room, workshop, office, or laundry room, it’s vital to keep it well-maintained.

Once a year, keep your garage door springs, rollers, and hinges lubricated, before winter arrives. Some garage door experts actually recommend that you lubricate every three months. Use a reputable brand, so it will not dry out. A light coating is all you need. Without lubrication, the springs will eventually rust, and the coils will bind against each other and break.

About once a month, inspect the components of your whole garage door system. Should you discover any worn parts, replace them. Tighten down any loose bolts. If you ever observe strange noises when your garage door opens and closes, don’t ignore it. Make sure you investigate.

It’s a good idea to schedule an annual inspection with a local trustworthy garage door repair company. Springs, cables, pulleys, and wires definitely require extra professional attention.

Regular garage door maintenance doesn’t require major effort. The minimal time needed for you to keep your garage door in excellent shape is worth it, because if you ever do have to get repairs, it won’t end up costing an arm and a leg. Not only that, you probably won’t have to face part replacements for many years.


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We will visit places like Dunwoody, Roswell, East Point, and Alpharetta, because we know that these are all popular areas to settle down or have a business. And if you have a property, you likely have a garage door or need one. Talk to us about whether or not we provide assistance in your area. Don’t forget that we offer 24 hour a day help, too.

Don’t forget to choose our team for:

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Pro East Cobb Garage Repair wants you to choose us as your garage door company in the area, whether you have an older garage door that needs more regular maintenance, a brand new one that needs to be properly installed by a licensed expert, or if you just have questions about the latest technological advancements available. Maybe you are interested in a free consultation – don’t worry because we are happy to provide this for you! You can save the time of looking all over the internet for help, and finding conflicting information. We can answer any questions about brands, types, materials, you name it…we have tons of experience, and are committed to providing the best in customer service.

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3 Home Security Tips to Prevent Home Break-ins

By Lauren Pastrana

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Homeowners strive for curb appeal on their properties, but sometimes, that tall fence and lush vegetation amount to criminal appeal.

Burglars take more than our possessions when they break-in.

They steal our sense of security.

“The invasion of our privacy, that’s the worst part, ” said Geoff Manaugh, author of “A Burglar’s Guide to the City”. “They look at buildings very differently. They find ways into our homes that we might not have predicted.”

Manaugh says, for example, if you live near an on-ramp or off-ramp for a highway, you may actually be targeted more than if you live farther away.

The bad guys think they can get away from the crime scene faster, blending into highway traffic, in an effort to avoid capture.

“Little things matter, if you live on a corner, you’re more likely to be broken into,” Manaugh said.
He explains corner homes give criminals lines of sight so they can see if somebody’s coming, or if the homeowners are on their way back.

They also have more routes of escape.

Something else people don’t think about, has to do with newer developments and complexes.
All of these homes are going to have their floor plans online, giving burglars a blueprint for a break-in.

“That means you can see everything from where the light switches are, where the electricity box might be, and what kind of locks are on the front door if they haven’t changed them when they move in,” Manaugh said.

Protecting yourself and your family from a burglar is not as hard as you might think.
Little things within our control can make a big difference.

“You don’t want landscaping to reach over two feet in height, or hang below eight feet. That way there is perfect visibility to your house, windows, doors,” said Officer Mark Zabielinsky with the Miami Shores Police Department.

Zabielinsky is a Florida Certified Crime Prevention practitioner.

“Everybody wants some degree of privacy, but at some point you need to weigh the pros and cons and have a nice balance between privacy and security,” he said.

If you have a privacy gate, make sure it’s not giving a burglar too much privacy!

“Slatted would be preferred,” he said. “Anything that you can see through into the backyard.”

Officer Zabielinsky said your gates should come just below eye level so you can see if someone is on your property.

And finally, a small pebble could be a big crime stopper.

“When you walk on them they are quite loud, and it would definitely deter a burglar from wanting to walk back there and have somebody hear them,” he said.

But the easiest way to beat burglars is to have relationship with your neighbors.

“Being in touch with them… exchanging phone numbers, things like that, letting them know when you’re going out of town, are all really important,” said Officer Zabielinsky.

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